the Cote Hill Story

Our ethos is simple. Contented grazing cows, produce amazing quality milk, which with a lot of skill and expertise create great tasting cheese.

The morning milk at Cote Hill Farm is taken direct from the cows into the cheese rooms to be hand crafted into our award winning Cote Hill Cheeses. By not pasteurising the milk it allows the full complex flavour of the milk to be a part of the finished cheeses.

What Makes Cote Hill Cheese?

Cows cheese farming

We liken making great cheese to making great wine. The soil & earth has such an impact on how the grass grows & tastes

Cote Hill Cows milk from grazed grass

Our cows are so special working hard turning the grass into milk

Cheese Making Is Like Making Porridge The Temperature Has To Be Just Right

There are so many variables when making cheese. It's as much an art as a science

filling the curds into the moulds

The curd is cut and moulds are filled

Cote Hill Lindum Cheese Raw milk Cheese

As the cheese matures conditions must be just right. We have different rooms for each cheese.

Michael, Fizze, Mary, Joe, Ross, Arnold's bum, & Alfie.

Our wheels of cheese are the culmination of a lot of effort & teamwork

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