Keeping & Eating Cote Hill Cheese

Keeping & Eating
Cote Hill cheese
Handy hints to ensure our cheese is eaten at it’s best
• Keep your cheese wrapped in the waxed paper or the vac packed bag we wrap it in
• Keep your cheese in the bottom part of your fridge, this is the coldest part of the fridge which will slow down the maturing process so your cheese doesn’t become ‘over ripe’.
• Keep your cheese in the fridge in its own box, this will help to maintain a more constant temperature and more importantly a constant humidity, which will help to stop the cheese from drying out.
• Cold cheese tastes bland, when serving cheese, it’s important to allow the cheese to reach room temperature, around 1 hour at room temperature will allow the cheese to fulfil its potential
• We advise customers to eat the cheese, once opened, within 10 days. We always try to sell cheese at the point at which we think it should be eaten.

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